No by-election once Lungu is declared acting president

No by-election once Lungu is declared acting president



PF secretary General Edgar Lungu and his supporters plan to cancel the presidential by-election if the court declares him acting president in place of Guy Scott.

A senior member of the Edgar Lungu has explained that Lungu is neither willing nor ready to go through the presidential by-election but wants to be president at any cost.

When asked how Lungu and his supporters can circumvent the requirement by the constitution to hold elections in the next 69 days, the MP said ‘you have seen for yourself that Lungu does not believe in the law.’

The MP explained that the same reasons they are using to ignore the PF constitution are the same reasons they will use to push the elections to 2016.

According to the MP, Lungu and his supporters will use hired youths and women to ignore the Republican Constitution and argue that holding a by-election now will be wasting resources.

The source said Lungu himself will rarely talk but use others to say ‘this is what the people want’, in reference to the crowds they will hire.

The source said that all the 63 MPs who signed the petition to endorse Lungu are privy to the scheme and have agreed to support him when the announcement that that the by-election has been postponed is made.

“Edgar has convinced the ministers and deputy ministers that the only way to keep their jobs upto 2016 at least is by making sure there is no by-election,’ said the source.

“Are you not surprised that MMD and UPND MPs serving as deputy ministers were among the first ones to endorse Edgar when this is an internal matter for PF. It is very simple: he told them that they would keep their jobs until 2016,’ the source said.

The source explained that even ministers like Harry Kalaba and others who were opposed to imposing a candidate on PF suddenly changed their minds when they were briefed of the real plan.

‘Look at nominated MPs like Panji Kaunda; haven’t you seen how personal he is taking the matter? The gentleman has been told that once a new president comes in, he will go back to his bankrupt status,’ the source said.

The source said that Edgar has been given intelligence information that chances of the PF losing to UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema are more than half, especially with the escalating wrangles in PF.

But it is not only ministers and deputy ministers who have been assured of retaining the jobs, diplomats, District Commissioners and other appointees have all be shown what they stand to lose. They have been told they can only protect their jobs if Lungu is president and there is no by-election. Lungu has also surrounded himself by staff that were fired by president Michael Sata. These include people loke Kaiser Zulu, Emmanuel Mwamba, Antony Mukwita etc..

Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba gave an insight of what is going on underground when he said:

“Two days ago, I was for the general conference, now I am not sure that is what I want.’

The Lusaka high court will later this moth hear a case in which Lungu is claiming that he is the legitimate acting president and that he was forced to cede power to Edgar Lungu.

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