No CD4 count machine at Kabwe General Hospital

The CD4 count machine at Kabwe General Hospital which broke down about two weeks ago has still not been repaired leading to the suspension of the facility indefinitely.

HIV patients whose CD4 count examinations are due are now having their specimen sent to the nearby Kabwe Mine Hospital which is also overwhelmed and cannot cope with the load, some examinations are being suspended indefinitely.

Hospital sources told the Watchdog that for the past two weeks the facility has been suspended at Central province’s largest medical facility and patients were now just made to continue with the drugs without examination, a situation they described as poor HIV management.

“After every six months we are supposed to do a CD4 count to ascertain whether to continue with the line of drugs or to change but without the machine we are just giving them the same ARVs but this is poor HIV management,” said a source.


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    Dr. Mulenga 3 years

    Meanwhile Mulenga Sata and his friends are spending $500 000 on homes in South Africa and Rupia Banada and his son have stolen billions of dollars and people are dying. People are embezzling money to Hong Kong. We have real leadership in Zambia. Those diagnosed with HIV, have money and are in politics are the only ones expected to survive while the rest die. This is real leadership ZAMBIA!!

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    This is ridiculous,are U tellig as that the Government is aware of this,by the way do u report the this to watch dog or the Minister of health?

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    kubweka 3 years

    Kabwe is forgotten by the government, nothing of importance happens there.

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    Renard 3 years

    Today its boring did the dog watch go to bed or sick, no stories why.

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    Concern 3 years

    While billions are being hidden in homes Shame

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    angoni chaiwo 3 years

    may be such problems are by pf govt design in order to keep to population down. contracting aids in kabwe has become a high risk; it’s a sure way of going to the grave/manda.