Luanshya shops run out of cement

Luanshya town on the Copperbelt province of Zambia has run out of cement.
A check by The Zambia Watchdog on  Monday and Tuesday found that most  shops in first and second class trading areas which deal  in cement had  run out of the commodity.
“We do not have the  commodity right now, we do not know what is happening, we hope things  will soon get back to normal,” said Ackim Mumba, an enterprenuer dealing in cement today(Wednesday)
Mr Mumba further  said that people have being flocking to his shop seeking for the commodity for the past two days,  but said  he had no word to tell them regarding the shortage of cement, because his suppliers have not communicated to him as to why there was a shortage.
“I don’t Know what to tell them, because my suppliers have not yet communicated to me,” he said.
But some Luanshya residents talked to, more so those who are building houses, attributed the shortage to lack of government’s commitment to ensure that the commodity was readily made available on the Zambian market.
He also suspected  that some dealers want to hike the price of cement owing to the fact that the price of doing business has gone up in the country.
“I think, government is also to blame for this, but let us hope the problem is not going to persist,” he said.

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