No clean water in Nakonde for a week

Nakonde District has had no water from Chambeshi water and sewage for over a week now.

Residents have resorted to open Wells for water which went dry by yesterday due to high demand.  people have no option but to draw water from near by streams with dirty,  stagnant green waters.  The water and Sewage company is quiet and comfortable about the situation. This company is run like a Kantemba here- manned by one lady not trained to even receive queries from customers.

This place has the waste water reticulation system in the country which the government is well aware of.  PF government officials have been cheating people that they have been taking bad water samples to state house. Even when chambeshi pumps water it’s always milky , green or black in colour.  I believe good water is colourless! !!!!!!.

Now we risk water Bourne deseases in nakonde. Ask the provincial administration to comment. …………

Concerned citizen.

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