No compensation for Mazabuka HIV victims

Zambia’s health minister Kapembwa Simbao says the women who contracted HIV due to the failed microbicide trial in Mazabuka won’t be compensated.

Simbao,  a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church elder says this is because the women knew that they were taking part in a risky trial. He said they also signed consent agreements so they knew what they were doing.

Simbao told parliament in a  ministerail satement that the only thing that could done is to make follow ups so that those that contracted HIV can be assisted to cope with their new condition.

He didn’t say who could do the follow up.

And Simbao said such trials should continue in Zambia because they  provide data for policy implementation.

He said the results of the Microbicide Development Programme, Mazabuka trials were disappointing, but that government recognizes that this large trial was done with high scientific and ethical standards.
He said the researchers also engaged the stakeholders and the community in which the trial was conducted.

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