No condoms in prisons, it encourages men to have sex with men – Govt

Government says it has no intentions of supplying prisoners with condoms as the move would encourage homosexuality which is an illegal act in the country.

Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu, says supplying condoms in prisons would be as good as encouraging homosexual practices among inmates.

Mr Lungu was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today in response to reports in the media that homosexuality has become rampant in Zambian prisons.

He disclosed that government would discuss the issue with other stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the matter.

Prisons Care and Counselling (PRISCA) Executive Director, Godfrey Malembeka, has appealed to government to carry out a survey in all prisons in Zambia concerning the matter.

Mr Malembeka said when the levels of homosexuality have been ascertained, government and other stakeholders should be able to provide solution to the proble

He said he was not aware of the vice being rampant but that it happens in all prisons worldwide.

“I am speaking from my experience as an ex-convict who was in prison for 4 years and have worked in the prisons for 13 years. I do not agree with the sentiments of the former Mukobeko prisoner,” he said.

And Prisoners Future Foundation Executive Director, Geoffrey Mayamba, has, however, noted that issues to do with homosexuality are crucial.

Mr Mayamba   says the only way that government would prove the extent to which the vice is happening in prisons at the moment is to conduct a research.Meanwhile, Human Rights Commission (HRC) spokesperson, Samuel Kasanka, has called on government to find out the extent and outcome of the homosexuality vice being perpetrated in prisons.

Mr Kasanka says government should also find out what effects the vice has had on inmates.

He further notes that if the effects were negative, government should find a solution to the problem.

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