No direction: Chipimo continues his chameleon behaviour

THE NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) says politicians claiming that they will re-introduce subsides on fuel and maize are being deceitful.
NAREP president Elias Chipimo says those saying they will re-introduce subsidies if voted into power are merely engaging in political rhetoric.
He said this at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.
“NAREP has always said there is nothing wrong with the removal of subsidies but members of the public should have been sensitised first.
Government should have explained at length before the decision was implemented,” Mr Chipimo said.
The opposition leader also said he does not hold any grudge against the Patriotic Front as the ruling party is trying its best to govern the nation.
“The God we worship is not idle nor does he slumber. He will hear and he will act. We hate no-one,” Mr Chipimo said.

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