Meat, fish to rot as there is no electricity and airtel airtime in Mwinilunga

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Publish this story.

People of Mwinilunga are in darkness there is no power since morning and sources from zesco are saying we will only have power after the company clearsthe company which supplies them fuel. The source says zesco owes this company a lot of money.

And people have also complained saying that his problem has never been there since 2010. Residents are thefore calling on the goverment to connect Mwinilunga to national grid instead of them suffering like this. Their are saying the district has been neglected because there is noway the can be using thermol

electricity. Their are also calling in zesco to bring power back.

Some Butchery owners  are in panic of what to do with their meat and fish since there is no electricity. And the district has also run out of

airtel airtime. Only Celz and MTNairtime is available around the town center and people are now relaying on siliza.

Please Concerned citizen

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