No electricity at Kabulonga boys for 4 days now

Dear editor,
Please hide my identity. I would like to bring it to your attention that we have had no power at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School since Saturday. The areas affected are the school administration block, classrooms, teachers’ residential flats and dormitories for disabled students. ZESCO came to check on Sunday and determined that a major underground cable to their transformer was burnt and cannot be fixed. They just told everyone to buy bags of charcoal and candles and they left.
Yesterday the school administration (in the absence of the headmaster who was away for some workshop), who live in houses not affected, simply tapped power from the nearby Kabulonga Girls to supply the administration block so that they can continue watching Africa Magic in the staff room.
This is the worst kind of selfishness. Instead of prioritising addressing the problem in the dormitories for disabled children since their food cannot be prepared, and some of their gadgets cannot work without power. Worse still is the danger of lighting dormitories with candles as a simple misfortune can lead to an avoidable loss of lives. In other serious countries authorities could have treated this as an emergency and possibly evacuated the affected children to a safer place until the problem is resolved. Where is the Minister of Education? Where is the Minister of Energy? I think President Sata was right in saying all his ministers are useless.

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