No escaping failed promises

President Michael Sata can continue behaving like Ayatollah, breathing terror on citizens, he can survive a political storm through oppressing opposition political parties but damn it, there is no escaping the demands from the Zambians wanting their pay back after voting for the man who had promised paradise to win the presidency.
In only under one and half years, Zambians have been led to purgatory instead of the promised land by President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front and it is becoming evidently clear that there is instability in the country as a result of callous disregard of the rule of law by the Sata regime
President Michael Sata has opted for an ostrich approach in governing the country as he has effectively buried his head in the sand while his political fanatics, the cadres are terrorizing communities as the police stand by and look on hopelessly.
Mr Sata has fallen into some kind of paranoid isolation and this is the most horrifying symptom of dictatorship in any society.
There is open speculation on the lips of the general citizenry about his ability to govern and give political, economic and social direction of the country that is in dire need of a responsible, mature, democratic and caring leadership.
Before his ascendancy to the presidency, Mr Sata would often call for press conferences where he would promise heaven on earth apart from poureing scorn on those who were in government and was arctic in his criticism of the policies of the government then.
From the confines of the walls of State House, President Sata has been issuing decrees even on economic matters threatening millers with the revocation of their licences should they not heed the directives that they reduce the prices of mealie meal without considering market forces.
But Zambians are getting tired with directionless decrees and will not allow themselves to be bamboozled by a president who has little or no idea how a country can be governed apart from foisting his tyrannical traits on citizens.
The writing is on the wall and it is payback time for Zambians who had voted for him and his government and oppression will not stop them from demanding for improved livelihood, early delivery of farm inputs, the rule of law and respect of human rights.
Being a dweeb that he is, President Sata has shown that he has no clue on how best a country should be governed and that is why his preoccupation is to annihilate the MMD and the UPND, the two major political parties that are threatening his regime.
The country has been witness to political persecution and unending arrests of Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and his counterpart Nevers Mumba of the MMD.
The continued arrests and persecution of Dr Mumba and his counterpart Hichilema are a prelude of more heinous times to come for the opposition political party leaders and the numerous cases they are facing in the courts are the testing line between the law and politics.
The brutal use of the police by the Sata administration is like a dreaded recurring theme in some demonic symphony heavily suffocating citizens and the leaders of the two opposition political parties must begin the restoration of hope among Zambians.
This can only be achieved by the two political parties weaving a new narrative of purpose and unity that has so quickly waned under the Sata presidency.
Mr Sata’s impunity in disregarding the rule of law has highlighted the double standards being exhibited by the man now residing at Plot 1 along Independence Avenue in corruption fight and the application of the public order act that he condemned when he was in the opposition.
The degeneration of the rule of law since Mr Sata ascended to the presidency must be considered an emergency just beyond the scope of any paranoid delusion and the barbaric acts by the police against the opposition political party leaders must be proof to the skeptics and cynics that Mr Sata is indeed a vicious dictator.
The political landscape in Zambia has become dangerously flawed not so much because the people are weak but because those who are currently in government are practicing flawed politics that have over the years beaten the dust.
With their popularity having drastically waned, President Sata and his PF are sensing the political precipice behind them and are ready to grab anyone to drop with into the political chasm they created.

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