No funding for ministry of health

I would like you to remind the government on the importance of the health system in any economy. As a Ministry of Health Employee working in a strategic position, I have the following requests that UPND has to follow:

1. All health institutions, maybe apart from Ndeke House, have not received monthly funding from the month of June to date. The may grant that they received was half, and it was paid after the receipt of April 2018 grants. This was two months late and was received in half. Where is the money going? Why not prioritize health institutions? Minister of Health touring the hospitals in Kabwe today shows how insensitive these people are as these institutions are in dire debt due to lack of funding from government for over 5 months this year.

2. Settling in Allowances, for workers who have been in their stations from 2011 to date. These have not been paid, apart from a few privileged to be working from Provincial Health Offices as they fix their names on the lists

3. Repatriation, leave terminal benefits and pension payments for retirees have not been paid for Ministry of Health staff. These are old and senior citizens that keep walking long distances to Provincial Health Offices seeking these payments

4. Nonpayment of contractors, especially the local ones who we are killing at the expense of extravagance

5. No drugs, No medical supplies, and No essential equipment. Our Central Province team did an undercover check through main pharmacists in the districts and the shocking revelations was that even items like Syringes, Panadol, Injectable drugs, and other key supplies were to be bought by the patients

6. Unlawful deductions of employee salaries in the Ministry of Health, especially those that were sent to school by their own institutions. The deductions of over K 400 per month are too much for employees sent to school by the same government

7. The recent appointment of underqualified, unprofessional and immature known ‘PF Cadres’ to head Provincial and District Health Offices, consequently affecting institutional issues. Central PHO, Northern PHO, Ndola DHO, Lusaka DHO, etc. These are unprofessional party cadres whose aim is to please PF and not deliver according to expectations.

Please raise these issues as the health system is slowly rotting and not deserving this attention

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