No funds for Clinics- PF MP

A Patriotic Front Member of Parliament says it is not only Parliament that has run broke but the Ministry of Community, Mother and Child Development has also failed to fund various clinics around the country for the past four months.
The MP who declined to be named for fear of being victimised was reacting to the Zambian Watchdog story that the National Assembly has run broke.
“The story about the National Assembly is very true but it is not only National Assembly, even Clinics have not received funding for four months now. In my constituency I have several clinics and none of them has received funding. There is a Circular that clinics should raise money from stakeholders. Who are stakeholders in clinics? Patients? the MP questioned.
The PF MP said it was embarrassing to the PF as a party because the party’s manifesto says it will do away with user fees. “It is embarrassing to the party. We are a socialist party. We campaigned on the promise that we will abandon user fees now we are saying get money from stakeholders. I doubt if my party can win in 2016. It is only that I do not want to cause a by-election otherwise “Kusalapuka” (better be clever)” the MP lamented.
The PF MP blamed the poor funding to clinics on President Michael Sata’s splitting of the Ministry of Health.
“This problem was created when the President split the Ministry of Health. Clinics now fall under the Ministry of Community while hospitals fall under Ministry of Health. “There is better funding at health than community. May be because the Minister of health is an Uncle to the First Lady. Did you know that? the MP asked.

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