No grade 7, 9 12 next year, schools to reopen in 2021

No grade 7, 9 12 next year, schools to reopen in 2021


Primary and secondary schools will not reopen this year, ministry of general education officials have told the Watchdog.

Officials have revealed that the ministry has made a decision that schools will reopen in January 2021 but even that will depend on what the Covid-19 situation will be.

Officials explained that this means that in 2021, all pupils except those in grade 7, 9 and 12 will remain in the same grades they are in 2020. It further means that in 2021, there will be no grade 7, 9 and 12. Additionally, there will be two streams of grade 1, 8 and 10 because pupils in grade 7 and 9 this year will progress to next the grade but those in grade 8 and 10 this year will remain in those grades in 2021. Pupils in grade 11 will remain in grade 11. Children who reach school age next year will enrol for grade 1 but pupils in grade 1 this year will be in grade 1 next year.

In 2022, universities and colleges will have no first year students???? unless they recruit mature students.

That was the wisdom of allowing only exam classes to reopen.

According to officials, the ministry had planned to reopen school this month and try to squeeze term 2 and term 3 together and possibly extend learning upto January 2021. Unfortunately the increasing number of Covid 19 cases has made it impossible to reopen schools this August.

The ministry is however afraid to announce this decision because they don’t know how the public would react.

ZWD COMMENT: this is just failure by government to think through emergencies critically. There is no sign or proof that coronavirus will end next year or in 2023. Will they keep schools shut even in 2023 if the virus does not ebb?
Government needs to devise measures to make sure children return to school as soon as possible. The virus has been with us for a while now such that we should have already come up with ways to continue living. Stop waiting for Europe to give you solutions. If you have no solution, resign. Let people with functioning brains take up the responsibility. It’s during emergencies and crises that true leadership is identified. Shutting schools is not leadership but failure to run the country.

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