No independence celebrations in Barotseland


The people of Barotseland will not celebrate the independence of Zambia as doing so will only amount to self insult. We have have nothing to celebrate about with the people of Zambia.

No one has ever been charged with the 23rd October 2010 shooting of our people which was followed by the 14th January 2011 genocide. Some of our people are currently languishing in Zambian unjust imprisonment while at the same time being subjected to inhumane treatment that can only be described as crimes against humanity.

On the other hand, the Zambian authorities can turn off electricity to Barotseland for extended periods without warning or apology which normally results in lost income to most of our people and not to mention the health hazard in our only major hospital, Lewanika General Hospital.

Since the unjust termination of the Barotseland Agreement 1964, there has been no single major development in our territory. All we have witnessed over the past fort-eight years has been a deliberately orchestrated decline of our infrastructure.

Where Barotseland is concerned, the Zambian law has never justly been applied save in the persecution and intimidation of our brave but very peaceful people.

Under these circumstances, it would be insane for any our people to celebrate the independence of those who oppress us without cause. It would also be irrelevant to celebrate the “achievements” of another country in our country unless such was done at gun point or by Zambian nationals living in Barotseland.

We are determine to move farther on the path we have collectively chosen to travel on, namely, the path of our total freedom and independence. A lot has been done so much that even a thought of going back on our noble resolve for self-determination does not cross our sane minds.

We rather demand that Zambia unconditionally releases all those detained because their incarceration is not just even going by the Zambian comprehension of democracy. Their continued detention will only most certainly result in charges of crimes against humanity being laid on all those who are responsible for their unjust arrest and torture.

The Zambians must just accept our freedom just like a number of European countries are now doing. Nothing will ever change our minds.

Shuwanga Shuwanga.

BFM International Relations Secretary.

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