No judge to try HH 15 days after being sent to high court

No judge to try HH 15 days after being sent to high court


It’s now more than two weeks from the day UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was committed to the High Court but the judiciary has not yet allocated a judge to try him.

Instead the regime has increased the number of dogs and police men guarding the opposition leader who is facing fake charges of treason.

The past two nights, HH has not been sleeping as he has been spitefully put in the worst cell at Chimbokaila where due to congestion, he had to endure the night squatting.

The decision to put HH in the most dirty and congested cell was made by Edgar Lungu, Kaiser Zulu and Amos Chanda after a magistrate court ruled against government’s move to take HH to Mukobeko maximum prison.

The Watchdog understands that Lungu and Amos Chanda have ordered Chief Justice Irene Mambilima to make sure that HH’s case delays for even one year.

The UPND has on the other hand been infiltrated by the system such that no one can even talk about protesting the continued barbaric and hateful detention of HH.

Meanwhile, sources at the treasury have disclosed that the regime has so far spent more than K7 million to manage the case of HH.

Most of the the money has just been looted by state house special assistants, senior cops and prison authorities though it is released on the pretext of paying junior police officers managing HH.

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