No justice for man shot dead in Kafue riots

No justice for man shot dead in Kafue riots


The riots that engulfed Kafue was caused by Kamfwa Mulenga ( Jet Lee) an overzealous  silly, police  Officer. The residents of Kafue Zambia Compound started protesting after the said Police Officer in a drunken state bashed a woman along the Zambia Compound market narrow roads as he was cruising.

The Police in their foolishness started firing teargas indiscriminately to disperse the people who were protesting peacefully.

The Police later changed their tactics to using live ammunition in a crowded market place and some continued to discharge teargas that affected the elderly, lame, children, babies and mothers trading in the market.

The PF POLICE shot dead in cold blood, Peter Simbeye, owner of a Barber Shop who was closing his shop and to escape from the confusion that was triggered by the PF Police.


The shot man was carelessly bundled into a police landcruiser with no medical attention rendered to him. The Police continued persuing other people to arrest instead of taking him to the hospital immediately they shot him.

He was shot in both legs and in the groin and died whilst being handed over to Kafue District Hospital medical Staff at the casualty wing.

The Police carelessly manhandled his lifeless body and refused to put him on the patients stretcher or trolley but requested for a mortuary tray saying “tachibwelesa chi RIOTER Chikufa” . The bashing of the woman by the drunken Police Man and the shooting dead of the Peter ignited the rage we saw resulting in burning of the POLICE post. When the Fire tender came, the residents too torched it.

Zambian PF Police force is now demanding K350 from the relatives of the shot comrade for postmortem and told the family that the POLICE will only transport the body today for POSTMORTEM in LUSAKA to secretly have the bullet(s) removed. The POLICE have further told the family of the deceased that they should find and fund their won transport to the GRAVE YARD for BURIAL today as scared of the residence.



The PF and area MP Mwaliteta went into overdrive yesterday afternoon and evening, bribing the gullible relatives to the deceased with MONEY, promises of casual JOBS at Nitogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) kafue plant, PF funeral ill gotten stolen money assistance to make them quite. However the father and close relatives to the deceased wants JUSTICE. 

Lawyers in Zambia, we plead to all well meaning ones, to come to the aid of this family to get the JUSTICE they so deserve.

All the POLICE officers on duty that day carrying out this operation must stand trial for MURDER. Enough of Police Brutality. Just on New Years Eve, PF POLICE brutality beat up an innocent boy in Mufulira and broke his leg.

When PF Police IG Kanganja came to Kafue yesterday,  he was only talking about burnt fire tender INSTEAD of condemning the senseless killing of Peter and what the police will do to ensure officers brought to book. he never even went to the HOUSE of mourning but found time to only visit the woman ran over who is admitted to UTH.

Zambians, the POLICE have killed so many innocent people in Zambia without JUSTICE being brought upon them. A commission of inquiry should be set up to identify those responsible and Murder charges brought upon the police officers that killed PETER. I’m calling upon the international community to exert pressure on the corrupt, killer Police to do the right thing of apprehending the criminals in POLICE uniforms that Killed our brother Peter.

Kanfwa Mulenga the Police man that ran over the women was neither arrested nor bretherized as a norm, the way the police do to us civilians. Instead the POLICE hide him up to today he is NOT yet arrested.

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