No Kuomboka this year, only secession

No Kuomboka this year, only secession

There will be no Kuomboka ceremony of the Barotseland this year, the Watchdog understands.

The official reason that will be given by the Barotse Royal Establishment is that the water levels in the Zambezi plain are too low to hold the ceremony.

But the truth is that the Bartose Royal Establishments has cancelled the Kuomoboka on security reasons.

The BRE will instead concentrate on pushing the resolutions of the Barotse National Council held last month.

Sources with the BRE have revealed that the BRE does not want to have anything to do with the Zambian governmnet officials who may impose themselves as officials at the ceremony.

The BRE had initially decided to hold the ceremony but for members of Barotseland only.

They had planned the event to be officiated bythe Ngambela and not anyone from the PF government.

But it seems this path has been abandoned in preference for complete cancelling of the ceremony which is normally held at the end of April or on the sighting of the moon around this time.

The issue of the water levels being too low is simply not true as the Litunga will move from where he is currently to his other palace he uses during the flooding.

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