No medicine in hospitals


Good evening Watchdog, am not fine, am really sick and broke.

This morning I crawled to John Howard Clinic, a government health center near my place, for some medicine, I have severe stomach pains, to my surprise, the clinic has no any medicine, they only have a thermometer [free temperature testing] and clinic books they are selling at K2.

I was told to produce a K2 for a book, of which I had, and I gave them the said K2. They then tested my temperature, and asked me some questions, and they recorded In the ka book, after that, I was told to go in the next room where the nurse only gave me a list of prescribed medicines and directed me to a certain Chemist in Chawama;

1. Panadol 500mg
2. MMT 500mg
3. Opremazoele

Then I tried to explain to her that I was too broke that I couldn’t even afford a bus fare to go to the Chemist she was telling me to go and buy the same medicines, the nurse proudly told me to wait for next year when those in charge of medicine distribution in clinics comes back from their industrial break.

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