No minister has paid back illegally earned salary

No one from the list of Ministers who where ordered by the Constitutional Court pay back illegally earned money has paid back.


Sources from both the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice have disclosed in interview that no one has paid despite the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General receiving the Judgement mid December last year.

” If you recall very well Her Honour the Vice President told Parliament that the reason why Ministers including her did not pay back was because they did not receive the judgement. The Judgement was received sometime back but by today no one has paid back’”the source said.


The sources further disclosed that even Secretary to the Cabinet Rowland Msiska has not responded to former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba’s letter asking for modalities on how to pay back.

” Even the corrupt Secretary to Cabinet has not set the modalities on how these thieves should pay back. If you remember properly, honourabla Kalaba then as Minister of Foreign Affairs through his Permanent Secretary wrote to the SC (Secretary to Cabinet) asking for modalities on repayment but nothing has been done. They are taking advantage of tne docility of Zambians.”

In a rare positive ruling, the Constitution Court last year ruled that Ministers who remained in offices after the dissolution of parliament before the 2016 elections should pay back all the salaries and allowances earned.

The court said they were in offices illegally as their ministrial positions ceased when parliament was dissolved because they were appointed as Ministers by virtue of them being Members of Parliament. Of the three Ministers who are no longer in government namely Lucky Mulusa, Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba, Kambwili says Edgar Lungu should pay back on his behalf because he is the one who misled the Ministers. Kalaba says he is ready to pay back while Mulusa does not owe because then he was not yet Minister as he served as State House Special Assistant for Projects Monitoring and Implementation. Despite stealing alot the Ministers have refused to pay meanwhile they claim they get peanuts as salaries. Edgar Lungu a lawyer has also advised his fellow thieves not to pay back and instead has advised them to sue government which he claims he heads. What a waste of a human being.


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    kubweka 2 weeks


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    Tasila 2 weeks

    Zambian very docile lungu is taking advantage of u pipo. He knows pipo just talk and no action taken . The best thing is to impeach him period.
    Why can’t Zambians unite am sure u can do it just form strong unity and weapons u can throw at the stupid police men and tuna soldier Lear to watch how other countries organise attacks against the policemen , if many are killed they will step back and surrender

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    TH 2 weeks

    Watchdog, please confirm.
    I hear that following the victory of Lapgreen against the Zambian government in a London court, ECL and his counterparts in South Africa, the Guptas, have bought Lapgreen. The Zambian government was ordered to pay Lapgreen over US $300 000 000.00. It appears the HQ for Lapgreen has now shifted to Dubai. If this is true, this is yet another of those very smelly issues we’ve become accustomed to.

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      Eye 2 weeks

      In the country with the strong independent rule of law it would. Please note pseudo-democracies in the sub Saharan countries. For example they use democratic process of free election to officiate and endorse dictatorship through rigged votes. Same using constitution to not consolidate the power, etc.