No money for African Freedom Day celebrations

Government will not hold the Africa freedom day celebrations in districts because there is no money, government is broke after paying some few of civil servants while others remain unpaid.

Sources from cabinet office have revealed that all commemorations shall be centralized in Lusaka unlike the traditional way of having celebrations in districts. The source also said that the move has angered many District commissioners and some provincial permanent secretaries who had plans of getting a bite off the money chunk.

“There is a resolution that all celebrations shall be centralized, but the move has offended some DCs and PSs who wanted to ‘bite’ something from this money chunk. Actually even ministers are upset because there are some travel allowances attached to them when they are spread out to officiate,” said the source.

The DCs have however been advised to organize some ‘freedom fighters’ whose names they shall send to Lusaka for honouring on Independence day but most of these freedom fighters are bogus and only take advantage of their old age to claim they fought for Zambia’s freedom when they were traitors like in the case of ailing dictator Michael Charlie Kays Sata Mwango who worked as a colonial constable at the height of liberation struggle.

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