No money for govt transporters

Dear editor,
Hide my ID.
Firstly we as transporters we want to bring to the attention of the president that we do not agree with the government’s
position that they do not have money to pay us after transporting maize in 2015 marketing season. we see wrong priorities
being put by the people in charge. we say this because of the following reasons:
Firstly before last year’s elections the president
announced that transporters would be paid in a week’s time. where did this money go. Secondly the minister of finance Felix Mutati
told the nation that the government released money to clear people who supplied goods and services to the government. transporters
have not been paid where is the money. Our third point is that those who transported inputs under FISP in the ministry of agriculture
in 2015 – 2016 farming season have been paid. This money came from government why not fund FRA so that we are also paid?

The forth point is we saw the commission of inquiry on electral violence going around the country to get false information who funded them
is it not the same government. Now the government has again released money to collect information on whether Zambia should
leave ICC or not the same government is wasting money which is supposed to be given to us who worked or provided service
to Zambian people. Last but not the least, the president does not spend a week in the country without flying out where does he get the money
to see his big entourage always leave the country? the list is endless.
Please let us share this national cake equally remember God is seeing what you
are doing your days will be numbered if you always hide in God but do the opposite of what He wants.Money is there pay us we also

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