No money for Sata’s new districts, K5.4 b deficit for salaries

Almost all the new districts which president Michael Sata created will remain undeveloped in 2014 because there is no money. But the PF has now put councilors on salaries.

Only Muchinga province and new districts in that province will see development as money has been provided.

Sources in the ministry of Local Government and Housing have disclosed that the ministry has a deficit of K5.4 million (K5.4 billion unrebased) just for salaries of workers in the new districts.

This deficit is only for salaries and other compensations for workers but does not include actual costs associated with service delivery. This money is also not available in the 2014 budget.

There are now 104 districts from the normal and sensible 72 districts which the founders of this country created.

Some council workers have been deployed to the new districts but they will either starve or run back because the ministry has no money for their salaries and or accommodation.

The ministry of Finance has only provided money for the 72 districts plus some additional funds for developing Muchinga province where Sata claims to hail from.

Said one source: ‘we have continued to receive the old [amount] funding we were receiving before they got employed. We need about K5.4b unbased to cover up for the new employees and there seems to be no money.  Something is not adding up, and now people in the Councils are making noise.’

The chaos is replicated in Southern Province where for some moronic reasons; Sata moved the provincial capital from the strategic Livingstone to Choma.

In Sata’s warped thinking, a capital should be at the physical center of a province. Government departments have been moved from Livingstone to Choma but in Choma there is no infrastructure to house offices and civil servants.

‘There are no offices in Choma and files are just stocked anyhow risking loss of vital data. The workforce is demotivated as it is spread around tiny offices as squatters,’ complained on civil servant.

Ministries like that of education are housed at three different locations making coordination and smooth flow of work difficulty.

In Livingstone, the ‘city’ is slowly turning into a ghost town as the offices that were occupied by government departments are lying vacant.

Meantime and to add on to the confusion, the PF government has now put councillors on government pay roll.

Last week, the Ministry of Local Government and Housing introduced salaries for councillors, mayors, and district council chairpersons.

Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi signed a Statutory Instrument for the introduction of a minimum K700 monthly pay for the councillors.

Kabanshi said that sitting allowance for the councillors had been set at K350 per sitting, while travel allowance for official duties would be at K650 per day.

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