No money: Road contractors stop working on roads


The constractors and constultants across the country have halted construction on the Link Zambia 8000 Project because of PF Road Development Agency’s and Ministry of Local Government & Housing(MLGH-DIHD) failure to pay them millions of money owing on various projects. construction on various projects was halted in December and January respectively. The Chinese companies are the only contractors working in this industry on grant/donor funded projects.
The PF Government must pay all the contractors and consultants across the country the money is owing them. When he is been busy boasting of road infrastructures and job creation in the sector across the country ATI SONTA EPOWABOMBA IMISEBO. Let him also SOTA why he is not paying these workers who did the roads after using them. The workers are just waiting for their money without knowing when they will get paid.The people are understandably asking how can there be money for campaigns when there is no money for the salaries of employees of the contractor’s for over 8 months. No one has ever explained this to the workers and their families affected to why the pf government has failed to pay them. Let Edgar Lungu come out in open and apologise to workers and their families affected by this. Let him also assured them when he will pay not just keeping quiet. Has he go around asking for votes from these same people.
Edgar Lungu has no heart for the people who are starving. He is only concerned about his job. He doesn’t care. At least he explain to the people about the Way forward. How does he expect these people and their families to survive. He should even feel ashamed during campaigns to point SONTA at roads as his achievement because he has not paid the people who constructed them.
Does he know how many Job losses he has caused to the road construction industry which is the second largest employer to the mines that have retrenched the workers?
Does he know that these workers have families to feed, rentals, health and school fees to pay and various other obligations?
Does he know how many families he has tormented and tortured? Does he know What these workers and their families have gone through all these 9months without getting paid?
Let him be serious of managing the affairs of this beautiful country. We need a good government which pay their people on time and take care of them.

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