No money: Sinohydro suspends Chiengi road construction

No money: Sinohydro suspends Chiengi road construction

SINOHYDRO ZAMBIA LIMITED, the contractor working on the Nchelenge e to Chiengi and Kashikishi to Lunchinda road will on 7 June 2019 suspend construction works. More than 200 local people will lose jobs. SINOHYDRO will suspend works because the government has not paid it since August 2018. The contractor says it has therefore run out of money to continue constructing the road. The project started in August 2018 and that the only time the government paid the contractor something.

Commenting on the issue, one Chiengi resident told the Watchdog that:

‘How are the sub-contractors going to be boosted if the government is holding on to the money or failing to pay.the people of CHIENGE where very happy to see the contractor on site since last year and now they are saying the government is fooling them since thats the way they have been doing all along bringing the contractor on site and later on the contractor disappears like it used to happen long time ago.’

See below SoS letter from SINOHYDRO to the government

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