No need to pray for ‘fit’ Sata

No need to pray for ‘fit’ Sata


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Much as I concur with the idea by some people that we should pray for President Sata, who clearly looks green around the gills, I feel it is rather preposterous to pray for the health of a person who has cantankerously refused to concede that he is an invalid; some one who has described himself as, ” fine, fit, very fit and very fine”.

As far as my memory can carry me, His Excellency has never at any time come out in the open to say he is sick, to the contrary he has repeatedly chided his political opponents as being morbid for speculating about his health. Even today’s Post Newspaper has quoted President Sata saying he is as fit as a fiddle. And as if to buttress his stance, his handlers have vehemently repeated that the president is enjoying a clean bill of health. In fact, as of yesterday president Sata’s spin doctor, George “baby cobra” Chellah, was quoted by Hot fm saying, ” the president is fit, any rumor of him being unwell are is a pure lie.”

If indeed that is the correct state of affairs vis-a-vis President Sata’s health status, I don’t see any reason why Zambians should be enjoined to pray for him. Wouldn’t it be much wiser to ask God to give the man wisdom so that he can find ways of arresting the free fall of the kwacha or to soften his heart so that he can change his incorrigible stance over the draft constitution and quickly give us the new constitution which he promised to give us within 90 days? Better still, if any one is feeling pious, why not pop into UTH or any nearest Hospital to pray for someone who desperately and genuinely needs your prayers instead of praying for some one who is, ” fine, fit, very fit and very fine”. My thoughts!



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