No one is forcing Sata to work – Scott

The Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) has observed that the image of President Michael Sata struggling to go through his written speech during the official opening of Parliament on Friday only shows how uncaring the nation has become as a people.

But ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott says no one is forcing Sata to work.

ZED president Frederick Mutesa says President Sata’s state of health eclipsed whatever he was trying to say in his speech and that he clearly needs rest.

Dr. Mutesa said from the way Sata delivered his speech, it can also be said that the people in the country have been fed with lies that the President is enjoying good health and is busy discharging his responsibilities as president.

He said he suspects that such lies that have been fed to the people could only be for the sake of protecting the interests of those that surround President.

The ZED president has told Qfm news that he is of the view the nation must become a little more humane and compassionate society and allow President Sata to rest and recuperate.

He adds that Zambia must also take a leaf from what the late former South African President Nelson Mandela did by appointing an energetic, loyal and capable vice-president to take over his duties when he realized that he needed rest.

Scott says if President Sata has chose to continue working despite calls that he takes a rest from his presidential duties to recuperate from his alleged illness, it is because the President knows that it is the right thing to do to continue with his work.

Scott wondered why some people in the country are insisting that President Sata takes a rest when he himself does not want to.

He said that the people calling for Sata to take a break from work are only pretending to be more humane than they really are as he thinks that they just want easy technical knockout for them to ascend to the top.

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