No one was killed in Southern or other province

Following lies by Emmanuel Mwamba thaat an imaginery teacher at a primary school in Southern province was murdered for being Bemba, we decided to establish the truth. There are other fake videos being circulated by Emmanuel Mwamba but for now we concetrate on this one.

The truth is that the incident did not even happen in Southern Province. It happened in Chongwe constituency, Kasengwa ward at Kaposhi polling Station.

The woman in the video is not Pamela Chanda. Her name is Gertrude Phiri. She is alive and not dead. She, alongside her brother Abraham Phiri were drunk and shouting obscenities at the UPND members who had gathered for a meeting with UPND Chongwe parliamentary candidate, Sylvia Masebo. Getrude shouted at UPND members that ‘your Satana will never rule,’ among other insults.

The UPND members dragged the both of them from the meeting and in the process Getrude Phiri was roughed up by the irate members. She was however saved by the UPND security team who prevented her from further beatings and whisked her away to safety.

According to Kebby Kashinamilunda who is the UPND Chongwe
Council Chairman candidate, Getrude and Abraham Phiri were sent to disrupt a UPND meeting by a known PF councilor.

“ We were having a peaceful meeting and i noticed two people who seemed drunk passing silly comments everything I spoke. So I asked them to leave us coz we were there for a peaceful meeting but to no avail. When Hon Sylvia Masebo arrived they continue to insult. I warned them that if they continued they will be forcibly removed but they continued. They continued hurling obscenities again and again. The said they were going to make sure the meeting won’t take place ,at this point our youths had had enough of their nonsense and believe me they are lucky if it wasn’t for Hon Masebo they would have been seriously hurt because people were fed up. We were later told that the pf aspiring councillor gave them money to disrupt our meeting”.

The UPND official said, ‘ its clearly evident that the PF is made up of desperate liars who will peddle fabrications just so they can give a false perception that the UPND as a violent party. There’s is no Pamela Chanda who was beaten up for being a Bemba in Sinazongwe.

We challenge the Zambia Police and inspector General of police to show us proof that there was such an incident reported in Southern Province.

We further challenge the police to show us either medical or death reports that show that a Pamela Chanda was beaten and later died as result of being attacked by UPND members in Southern Province.

‘We are aware that the PF will provoke our members with the hope that they retaliate so that they can say we are a violent party’.

Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo has also confirmed that the incidence happened at a meeting she was supposed to address and personally asked her security to save the two cadres from being beaten

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