No power in Ngombe since yesterday

Since yesterday at 6hours in the morning,we have not been having power in Ng’ombe Township of Lusaka. Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata is quiet and when we lauch a complaint through their office (Mandahill Branch),they pay us a blind eye as they give unfulfilled promises that they will come. Personally,I see this to be a strategy by PF to be shedding compounds so that they make money ahead of the 11th August polls as they know that they are leaving offices. I don’t know whether other areas are shedded like this area for when we have power in the day,its only for 4 hours.The rest of 20 hours in a day,we are found not to have power. PF is a Failed Party will people with narrow thinking capacity as they don’t mind what tomorrow might bring. Zambia is not PF and that’s what they should know.

Concerned Ng’ombe resident

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