‘No power, no water in Lundazi’

Goodmorning Zambian Watchdog. Plz hide my id.
I wish to express my sadness towards Zesco. Am a resident of Lundazi district and I wish to inform the nation that since saturday, we have not had power here and because of that, Eastern Water and Ssewerage Company can not pump water. As a result we have no water and power.
Our lives have come to a sta…nd still; we cant live without water, our children have not gone to school because there is no water and most importantly our food (relish) in our refrigirators are going bad because of no power and the hot weather here.
Zesco has not communicated with the residents to explain whats happening and I personally feel it’s not fair. My humble appeal to the Govt and other relevant authorities is that they look into this in the soonest possible time, we all know they wont afford to replace our our food that has gone bad. Thank you. Concerned resident – Luandazi

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