No profit: Royal Dutch Airlines also cuts flights to Zambia

No profit: Royal Dutch Airlines also cuts flights to Zambia

The Royal Dutch Airlines will from 28th October 2014 stop offering direct flights to and from Zambia.

Communication seen by the Watchdog say that Zambians who still wish to use Dutch airlines will now have to go through Nairobi and use  those red Kenya Airways planes to East Africa.

The Royal Dutch Airlines did not explain why it is ditching Zambia barely 22 months after starting to operate the route but the Watchdog is reliably informed that the route is unprofitable.
This is the second international airline to ditch Zambia within 12 a year after British Airways cut flights to Zambia last year.
A statement from KLM said:
We are truly grateful for the excellent support that you have given us making it possible for KLM to operate its own services for the last two years alongside our esteemed partner. I trust our joint offer with Kenya Airways will equally satisfy your travel needs as you continue to enjoy a global reach and optimal service.

We sincerely thank you for your valued loyalty and custom whilst expressing the hope that one day we will return when the opportunity presents itself once again.’

In October 2013, British Airways stopped flights from Heathrow (London) to Lusaka in Zambia
The airline was flying on the route three times per week with outbound flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but these services were cancelled because they did not make a profit.
“The flights are being suspended because they don’t make a profitable contribution to our business,” said BA in a statement. “We are always reviewing our route network to ensure it is in line with the needs of our customers.”
BA instead added three extra flights from Heathrow to Accra in Ghana from October 27.

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