No projects for Lungu to commission in Barotseland

No projects for Lungu to commission in Barotseland

In Eastern he was commissioning projects, in Western he has nothing to commission but tour tuntemba

By: Akabeswa-Imasiku Morgan [UPND Western IPS]

I am privy to President Lungu’s visitation programme for Western Province this week where he will be touching Mwandi, Nalikwanda, Sikongo, Shangombo and Senanga.

It is shocking and a mockery that, President Lungu can come to Western Province in the name of inspecting developmental projects to just come and tour markets in Mwandi, Sikongo, Shangombo and Senanga. This is a very visible sign that, President Lungu and the Patriotic Front have absolutely done nothing for and in Western province. And what they have just constructed are markets in the districts of Western Province.

We want to tell President Lungu and the Patriotic Front that they should stop wasting our taxpayers’ funds to come to Western Province to mock us. He was in Luapula and Eastern provinces where he was commissioning projects and checking on bridges. How can President Lungu come to this province to only come and tour markets? How can President Lungu downgrade himself to such levels of touring markets?

We expect President Lungu and the Patriotic Front to inspect the Mongu-Limulunga Road and tell the people of Western Province why President Lungu and his PF have failed to complete the Mongu-Limulunga Road. We want him, when in Mwandi to see how damaged the Sesheke-Mwandi-Kazungula Road is, so he can tell us why his PF government has vilified the people of Western Province. The people of Western Province expect President Lungu to check how people of Mulobezi and Sichili suffer on the Simungoma-Mulobezi-Sichili Road and provide solutions.

President Lungu should know that the people of Sikongo have not been counted as people under his leadership and he should explain to them why he denied them the Kalabo-Sikongo Road. He should further explain to the people of this Province where the US$12 million went and who is paying back that loan gotten from the Suadi countries and what reason the loan is being paid back for.

We the people of Western Province expected President Lungu to check the Sioma – Nangweshi – Shangombo Road and tell us why his PF government has not paid attention to the people of Shangombo for this long. We want him to explain to us why his government is finishing our forests in this province and yet we remain impoverished.

We expected President Lungu to have come by road so he could see for himself the temporary bridge across the Kafue River that has apparently become permanent and tell us when that bridge across the Kafue River would be completed. He should tell us why the Road from TBZ to the Katunda-Watopa Road has remained in the state it is now when in effect the people from this province pay tax just like people from Luapula and Eastern and Lusaka. The people of Mangango, Mitete and Lukulu expects answers from him for his 2018 promise he tied himself with of working on the Katunda Lukulu road.

We want to tell the outgoing President Lungu and the packing Patriotic Front government that, the people of Western Province are not going to remain silent when the whole 6 years of President Lungu and PF have marginalised them in all spheres of developmental agendas by the PF government. Time has come for the Patriotic Front to take stock of its actions and failures in Western Province. The people in Western Province have finally resolved to help the Patriotic Front pack on 12 August 2021.

The people of Western Province cannot continue being mocked by the Patriotic Front through handouts and piecemeals. Western Province has taken a further choice to help usher in a credible government in the UPND. A government that has issued out an agenda on how it is going to deal with the timber issue with intent to develop this province. A government that knows how it is going to deal with the issue of tourism in this province. A government of UPND that has given out a clear road map on how agriculture will be improved in order to improve the livelihoods of the people of Western Province.

We in Western Province have resolved it is *Time4Change,* come August 12.


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