No salaries for civil servants as they celebrate African Freedom day

Dear Editor,
Just as you predictated, we are now into the third day no salaries yet for civil servants. As of today 22 May 2015 at 06:50hrs, Barclays and ZANACO accounts are still dry as a desert.
For a long time, salaries are always ready by the 20th of every month except if it falls on weekends. But our government has breeched this deadline. And I am seeing us getting paid after Monday given that we have a long weekend.
The civil servants have joined the long list of retirees- men and women who worked had for the government but have gone for years without getting their packages. Their children can’t go to school and no one is raedy to give them charity any more . And yet we have an employer who doesn’t care.
Imagine what havoc this delay has caused among civil servant! No bus fair, no ZESCO, delay in paying tuition fees, angry landlords and maids, fights from shylocks, no air time to google teaching materials since text books are not yet in for the new curriculum etc. But as usual no one cares not even the snakes (deceivers) we call unions! It seems people are in hurry to get rich before 2016.
I wish we listened to Scott. He was categorical in stating that Mr. Lungu and his team are preditors of state resources. History has vindicated him. As for me I have no right to complain as a civil servant. I voted for Mr Lungu. And I have been well rewarded.
Hide my id.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that government officials got their salaries and various allowances and free foods in full early this week.

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