Salaries for civil servants delayed, again

Civil servants who are normally supposed to be paid between 15th and 20th have gone into this weekend without salaries as sources at Zambia national commercial bank reveal that there were no signs that salaries will be pushed in soon.

Government has run broke due to low taxes expected from companies that are winding up and the little money collected is mostly used to fund President Edgar Lungu’s extravagant expenditure and corrupting people so as to win political appeasement.

Meanwhile sources at Zanaco head office have disclosed that so far there has been no commitment from government to indicate that salaries will be ready any day this week. Both Zanaco and ministry of finance sources have hinted that possibly the salaries will only be ready by the end of the month.

“So far there has been no commitment or signs that government will raise salaries so maybe some time next week. We anticipate that these guys may even go into month end without salaries,” said a well placed source.

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