No salary increment in September news shocks civil servants

When the Watchdog revealed that the PF government is broke and the much talked about salary increments for civil servants wont be effected in September, the news was as usual met with insults from PF leaders and their cadres.
But now now that September is just about two weeks away, the PF regime says the increments will be effected in October, buying for four more weeks to scout for money or another lie.

It won’t be long before the PF says they never promised to increase salaries for civil servants.
But the The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWU) has expressed shock that government decided to communicate the deferment of payment of new civil servants salaries from September to October 2013 through the media.

This follows Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s announcement on Sunday that salaries for Civil Servants will be effective from 1st October and not 1stSeptember earlier promised.

Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union General Secretary Joy Beene in an interview with QFM News says the union will take the Minister’s statement a mere media statement.

Mr Beene says government’s channel of communication over such an issue has been received with shock by the union.

He says the Union will not accept communication through the media as it is aware of how government communicates and operates.

Mr. Beene adds that ever since the pronouncement was made Civil Servants have been having sleepless nights trying to inquire why there has been a change.

He says the union had initially bargained for March 2013 as the date for the effecting of the new conditions of service but that government negotiated for September, which forced them as a union to sensitize its membership across the country on the effective implementation date for new conditions of service.

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