No school leavers ball here – Kafue D.C

Kafue District Commissioner Winford Ngoma has ordered head teachers in the district not to allow grade nine and twelve pupils to hold end of year parties.

Mr. Ngoma has also warned bars and night clubs in the district not host such parties as those found doing so will be made not to renew their liquor licenses.

He said his office has already received reports that both grade nine and twelve pupils were already organizing end of year parties in some night clubs which is illegal.

He said government some three years ago banned such activities as they encouraged mischievous behavior and caused unnecessary problems.

Mr. Ngoma said pupils should not conduct themselves in such behaviors as writing junior and high school examinations was not the end of life. He said young people should prepare themselves for the future and by behaving responsibly.

Mr. Ngoma said there was nothing wrong with pupils to end their examinations by just going home and stay with families instead of going drinking and misbehaving in night clubs.

He said his office has already engaged state and council police to watch out for bars and places that want to host such functions.

Mr. Ngoma also took a swipe at owners of bars and nightclubs for allowing such function as it was encouraging underage patronage. He said government will not be happy with such owners and will not hesitate to revoke their licenses.


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