No water for soldiers in Lusaka west residences

No water for soldiers in Lusaka west residences

Soldiers and their families in Lusaka west military camp Apollo L85 are living in houses without water. Soldiers spoken to by the Watchdog fear that a crisis is looming at the camp at the camp especially as the rainy season approaches.

Rationed water only runs in taps some days from 05hrs to 6hrs in the morning. Soldiers and their families use nearby bushes to answer the call of nature.

The drops of water that runs in taps once in a while is pumped from from ZNS Sopelo but even ZNS does not have enough water in the few available boreholes.

A check by the Watchdog revealed that every tap in the camp is surrounded by empty containers waiting for water.

Yet, just two boreholes would solve this water problem completely. Sinking a borehole is roughly K20, 000. Even soldiers themselves can make a plan instead of wasting money on those useless annual balls or funding that perpetually losing football team.

Welcome to Zambia.

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