No water in Kaputa since Tuesday

Kaputa November 8, ZANIS— A critical shortage of water has hit
kaputa district in Northern Province with the area having no water for
the past four days.
The district last saw a drop of water on Tuesday November 5, 2013 just
before midday.
The area which usually experience water disruption was expected to
have water by Wednesday but the problem has persisted up to today
forcing residents to trek some distance in search of water at the
nearest boreholes.
Scores of residents were seen carrying buckets others riding bicycles
going to fetch at the nearby water point.
A resident talked to, Peter Mutale expressed concerns at the non
availability of water in the district and has since asked the water
utility company to do everything possible to address the problem.
Mr. Mutale said the lack of water has disadvantaged many as the water
from the boreholes is salt and people have difficulties to drink it.
He noted that water has remained one of the biggest problems in the
district but has remained confident that the start of the water
project by government which is expected to start soon will help
address the situation.
Efforts to get a comment from a representative of Chambeshi Water and
Sewerage Company failed by broadcast time as he was reported out in
the field.
But sources within the company said the problem has been caused by a
damage to one of the pipes which gets water to the tanks.
The source said the company is however working on the problem and is
expected to rectify everything by the end of business today, Friday.
He assured that the public that the company has made repairs to the
damaged pipes and is also working on another issue before it can start
pumping water.
Government has awarded Tomorrow Investment to work on the K27.8
million water reticulation project in Kaputa District which is
expected to take one year.

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