No water in Lusaka’s Chelstone and Kaunda Square

Chelstone and Kaunda Square compounds in Lusaka have become the latest to be hit by a critical water shortages that have hit most parts of the country.

According to the residents, the compounds have had no running water for close to one month now forcing women and children to draw water from unclean sources such as shallow wells.

Some of the residents spoken to said they are now forced with no option but to also protest against the government failure to provide water and sanitation services as was promised.

“What is even worse is that our PF Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo is not even seen in the area despite our cries for her office to intervene. I think she is busy enjoying herself in that ministerial position. We don’t even seen her in our area with her councillors. She has never addressed a single meeting in most of these communities to tell us what is happening to her government and the failure to provide services such as water and consistent electricity power-black outs,” some residents complained.

A number of areas in the country have been hit by critical water shortages leading to protests by residents on the Copperbelt’s Wusakile and Chamboli townships.

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