‘No water in our area for 21 days’

Dear Watchdog,

allow me to express my disappointment, disdain and dissatisfaction with the City Council of Lusaka as well as Lusaka water and sewerage. Water in the Chelstone area was already a scarce commodity however for the last 3 weeks running water in the Chelstone green area has been non existent. 3 weeks ago LWS was digging up a pipe off ngwerere road just after the police station.

They seemingly broke the pipe or something I’m not quite sure, Water then started leaking from the pipe for 2 days, Water was just running down the street on the 3rd day the closed the pipe. Now since that day that area has had completely no water for 21 days. Even our neighbours who have boreholes have started refusing to give us water. We have resorted in PURCHASING WATER FROM A CHURCH. They don’t sell water at a high price it is very reasonable BUT honestly in this day and age should people be spying to buy a NECESSARY COMMODITY. How does LCC and LWS think people are surviving without water. So many things are dependent on water. If there was an out break of a disease like cholera what would happen? Our healthcare facilities cannot sustain such a catastrophe. And yet people are getting paid to do jobs that they are obviously not doing, the person supposed to fix the pipe is probably running a side business using government time. When the water bill comes at the month end we will most definitely be billed as if we were filling our swimming pools everyday. We are a country at peace! People would think our public service facilities are that of a war torn country. Really is this how we are going to keep living like villagers in the capital????


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