No Xray machine at Kabwe General Hospital

Government has failed to repair the Xray machine at the Kabwe General hospital which has been non operational for the past two weeks.

Patients that need Xray facilities are now being sent to the fee paying Kabwe Mine hospital but those that do not have money are piled in the ward as they wait for the machine to be ‘repaired at the shortest period’.

Just about two months ago, the same hospital’s CD$ count machine was equally grounded for over a month and all HIV patients whose CD$ count exams were due were rescheduled thereby not knowing their proper status.

The hospital attends to people from within Kabwe and many other parts of Central province because it is the largest hospital in the province.


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    Let them die they deserve it, dey voted 4 theze poor foolz PF in power. Bullshits.

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    Ikaampale 3 years

    Pf is working yes no xray,no medicine,incresed fuel price,causing bye election,no money for roads,taking piecemael amendments to parly,éct

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    BISHOP 3 years

    A Health Nation is a wealth Nation.Please Govt look into the plight of the Zambian people not just your pockets.The country is dwindling in abject poverty,copper prices low and inflation is the order of the day.Look into Xray machine,this is a general Hospital and not a mobile clinic.

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    SLaest 3 years

    if at all there was any positive development at the same hospital you wouldn’t report it would you?

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      You’re not fair.A broken Xray is not pressing you’ve no brothers ,sisters friends around Kabwe?What about if you had a road accident around Kabwe?Where is the good news?Incomplete haphazard projects around that’s good news?