No youth day celebrations for UNZA students

To: The General Public
They have taken us for granted and so we wish to let the public know that we as students are not going to take part in the celebration of the day that is meant for us youths. I think our minister doesn’t analyze things before coming up with decisions. To hit the nail on the head, am talking about the issue of squatting that she has said no to. If u may wish to know, ever since the inception of the University, squatting has existed, and a good number of students survive by it. We have 3600 bed spaces and we are over 26000, If she bans squatting without providing an alternative where does she think the 22400 will go, boarding houses? Well has she made an effort of visiting those houses? I was looking for accommodation today, visited some of them, the ones in Kalingalinga are pathetic, and they are saying 500/month, then those in marshlands, I found 6 banker beds in one room, per bed space 750/month which means 12.people in a single room, which far worse than the 8 she always talks about. is she surely protecting us?? Or wanting to kill us?? To my knowledge, ritual killings have started, and we ve been hearing of students being attacked in kalingalinga, parents, are u OK with this? Studying when coming from a boarding house is hard, the library closes at 24 do u think one would safely move to a boarding house at that time, and can one perform well academically ?? How about letting it be how it has always been, not everyone can afford ma 750 per month, we are not rich like u neither do we come from well to do families, it’s in us that their hope lies. God is faithful, don’t use your powers or position to oppress the already oppressed, we want to stay in school, if u don’t want squatting then provide us with more bed spaces or better off be paying for us at those boarding houses and find means of our safety. I remember u one day said u used to maintain your room, painting it using your money, well I must say we come from different backgrounds so don’t think everyone is as rich as you. It’s for this reason that we are saying no to celebrate this coming youth day because u ve made our lives miserable. #NoYouthDayCelebrationForUnzaStudents she must reverse her statement and apologize.
Affected student

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