No youths were fired in Western province – Katema

PF government spokesperson Joseph Katema says his government is not aware of any youths who have been fired by government in Western Province. Katema instead says the people of Western province are enjoying life under the PF and have employed a lot of youths there.

The PF government fired close to 200 youths that were employed in the new districts created by late President Michael Sata and were part of the job statistics that the PF were reporting as having created.

In July this year Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili issued a statement to the effect that the youths in Western Province were fired by the Public Service Commission because they were wrongly employed and further assured that they would be redeployed to other districts.

Typical of PF confusion, government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has said he is not aware of any youths who were fired but was quick to say if it was true then the affected youths should inform government so that the matter is tabled before cabinet for consideration.

‘Which youths were fired and from where? We are not aware of any youths who were fired, as a matter of fact government has been employing,’ said Katema.

The youths who were fired in Western Province have demanded to be reinstated following governments’ decision to reinstate all nurses who were fired for demanding what they were promised by government.

And UPND vice-president for politics Canisius Banda has cautioned the re-engaged nurses not to be fooled by the PF and warned that they (PF) have the capacity to change and say they were still considering the appointments should they win the January  20th elections.

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