‘Noise from bars in Kabwata making our life unbearable’

‘Noise from bars in Kabwata making our life unbearable’

east pointBa watchdog,

We are sick and tired of noise pollution in Kabwata and Libala and its getting out of hand. Last night there was a Zambia breweries promotion at clans made a lot of noise stopped playing loud music at 08 AM this morning, its like they are now competing with Zero Degrees another pub that also plays loud music even on Sundays. I wonder what the local authorities are doing about it they can’t plead ignorance to this issue, we are sick and tired of the loud music being played at night.

I rarely watch TV or listen to music but I know almost all the latest songs, if you live near Eastpoint, breakpoint, Zero degrees and Clans you don’t need to have a radio in your home you will know all the songs whether you like it or not.

Who is in charge of giving trading licenses of liquor at the Lusaka city council and what are they doing about this noise pollution am sure a lot of people have complained about this issue, ba watchdog kindly investigate the local authority officer who is in charge of giving trading licenses of liquor, I think we should take this matter into our own hands as residents of Kabwata and Libala let us do something about it, we should lodge a complaint at Environmental Management Agency and if the agency won’t do anything about it we can sue the Lusaka city council, ZEMA and the owners of the bars they shouldn’t take us for granted. Its high time we started fighting for our own rights as citizens of this country if we continue ignoring everything things will become worse.


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