‘Noise pollution in Chilenje’

The Editor,
Zambian Watchdog
Through your esteemed paper, we seek your help to reach out to the authorities at Lusaka City Council and the senior Police Command.
We wish to register our complaint against the excessive noise pollution being perpetrated by PAMBEKETI PUB along Pemba Road in Chilenje South. This pub whose owner lives in South Africa was opened sometime in December 2013. The opening day was graced by one ‘Ruff Kids’ clearly suggesting that residents would be in for a rough time. The bar which lacks sound proof has continued to torment us on a daily basis with its noise pollution.
The managers of the bar have capitalized on the fact that most of the patrons are security officers including police officers from the nearby Chilenje Police Station. Further inquiries have revealed that the police patrons indirectly provide protection to PAMBEKETI. Residents have reported the noise pollution to Chilenje Police Station but no action has been taken.
As for the Council, their Inspectors rarely monitor what happens in these bars. PAMBEKETI located next to the Chilenje Council Library, opens as early as 14 hours and closes way after 24 hours constantly playing its riff-raff loud music.
And the council is probably not aware that some of the employees at PAMBEKETI sleep in the bar.
On 14 February 2014, PAMBEKETI hired the Zambia Army Band to play music outside the bar. The army band started playing its music at 23 hours totally disturbing the residents. The army command may not be aware of this arrangement. If they were aware, they would not have allowed the band to play along the roadside. Daliso- Mwana Wa Mukomboni also graced the same event with his ra……..ra……..ra.….. lyrics.
Much to the annoyance of residents, this event closed long after 03:00 hours.
We thank you most sincerely,
Disappointed Pambeketi Neighbours

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