Noise pollution in Kabwe


The Editor
The Zambian Watchdog

Dear Sir,


Please publish this bar music complaint on your popular site. Hide my real name as people in the bar industry would take my complaint personally – not thinking about what the law says on the matter.

I write to petition the PF Government through Hon. Kambwili (as Government Spokesman) over noise pollution from Bars and Taverns in our locality in Kabwe town.

This is in particular reference to bars and taverns, at the junction of Nalikwanda and Mole Kombe streets, and near the junction of Nalikwanda and Lungwebungu streets, and along Mole Kombe street. This is in eastern High Ridge area. There are also smelly bar pit latrines along Mole Kombe street with residences on the windward side just across the street.

The bars and taverns blast loud music into High Ridge residential area. These bars and taverns are just across the streets bordering High Ridge residential area and Katondo Shanty Township. Does the law governing the proximity of bars to residences not qualify these bars and taverns as illegal?

The worst affected are our colleagues in residences along Mole Kombe street where bar music noise is the loudest. Here bars and taverns mostly close beyond the stipulated time. Kabwe Municipal Council has been approached several times over the issue but the noise is still there and the bars still close beyond the stipulated time.

Sometimes the Council gives permits to these bars to hold overnight music sessions even though they do not have facilities for such. Bar men simply put powerful hifi equipment outside and blast loud music into High Ridge residential area just across the street.

You come from work tired and want to rest but you can not sleep due to the loud bar music. And because most of the time they close beyond the stipulated time, you can not get enough sleep for days on end.

The law governing the proximity of bars and taverns to residential areas is very clear. Also the regulatory rules about bar music are very clear. Why should residences not enjoy peace and quiet?

You will also discover that this bar music pollution problem is common in many areas in Zambia. Why not end the problem once and for all?

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Kasalwe

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