Nominated MP Kabimba seeks to charge elected MPs over constitution protests

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba together with his evil cartel members have now hatched a plan where they want to charge all Members of Parliament who participated in the demands for a people driven constitution protests.
Kabimba, who is just a nominated MP as he cannot win an election even against a rat, has reportedly written to his friend Speaker Patrick Matibini at Parliament requesting him to charge elected MPs with disorderly conduct and breaching parliamentary procedure.
The letter of complaint has been counter-signed by traitor Gabriel Namulambe, who is Mpongwe MP.
Sources from within the ruling PF have told the Watchdog that kabimba wants Matibini to constitute a friendly team in the parliamentary disciplinary committee to deal with fellow MPs.
The Watchdog has the names of all the traitors that have been proposed by Kabimba to be in the disciplinary committee, but will withhold them for now.
However, MPs from both the PF and opposition have vowed that should anyone go ahead with such dictatorial tendencies, they will also wage a counter campaign and protests to the International Parliamentary Union, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, SADC Parliamentary Forum and other bodies to demonstrate how democracy under the PF has been mutilated.
Zambia is next year scheduled to host the International Conference for Parliamentarians and could lose the bid without the support of most MPs who may wish to protest and de-campaign the country.
During the last sitting of Parliament, opposition MPs protested on the floor of the house for close to two weeks demanding for the road map on the people driven constitution which the PF and president Michael Sata and Kabimba have refused to release.
Among other points the opposition MPs want to send in their petition to the international community and other bodies is the selective application of the Public Order Act, brutality by the PF cadres and Police, detention of independent journalists and opposition political party leaders

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