North PF angry with Edgar Lungu

NORTHERN Province PF secretary Everest Chella says he is angry with President Edgar Lungu’s decision to appoint non-party members to full Cabinet positions, leaving out those who sacrificed for the ruling party. Chella said it was unfair for President Lungu to give Miles Sampa the position of deputy minister when he almost became the PF candidate in last month’s presidential election. “I am bitter about that because we have some Cabinet ministers who were in MMD and eating with the MMD while some PF members were in opposition, fighting for 10 years and they have been left out,” he said in an interview. “When you look at Miles Sampa, how Sampa was almost the presidential candidate following the general conference in Kabwe; he is supposed to be appointed as a full cabinet minister and not a deputy minister. Why should they appoint honourable Michael Kaingu and Vincent Mwale from the MMD, leaving the owners of the party like Miles Sampa, Wylbur Simuusa, and Emmanuel Chenda?” Chella said PF members who had been left out of President Lungu’s cabinet would regroup to fight for what belonged to them. He said it was unfortunate that some of the PF members only served in government for three years and had been removed. “Any normal human being wouldn’t like such a thing to happen. I feel [Michael] Sata’s legacy has been betrayed. This is no longer PF; it is a mixture of other political parties,” said Chella, adding that all those that had been left out by President Lungu were PF founders and would decide what they think is right.

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