North Western Province Investment and underdevelopment

Dear Editor,
I wish to seek permission in your web publication to view my point on the issue of investors and underdevelopment in the North Western Province.
It is unfortunate that despite the heavy investment and mining activities taking place in the province no meaningful translation
is noticed in the living standards of the people there. I have a personal view over this state of affairs that I would like other North Westerners to discuss through your wed page and see whether any solutions could be attained and forwarded to whoever was concerned for their reviews and action.
Hello all N.Westerners! I am one of you and am not pleased with what I see going on in the province despite the various activities taking place there in terms of investment and development. This is a big and controversial topic we are going to discuss and we need level headedness if ever we were to come out with any solution out of it. As such I urge all those that wish to contribute on this issue to be frank, ready to get criticism and rebuke but maintain level headedness so that we don’t lose direction and our main purpose of this forum.
A lot is being said about the new investors and the corresponding developmental activities taking place there. I stand to be corrected, but otherwise I feel the reason why other provinces are benefiting more than us the owners of the natural resources being exploited is because of our selfishness as people of the province. I say so because I see us fighting amongest ourselves on tribal lines, Lunda against Luvale, Kaonde against Lunda, Luvale against Chokwe and so on and so forth, instead of coming together as one people of one province to fight the mischief being thrown on us by others. I strongly feel that this trend will never end as long as we continue with these tribal scrabbles within ourselves.
While we fiercely fight against each other our friends are taking our jobs, school places, land, etc. and even our natural resources since no one among us is keen to check for the other and what is going on around us. For this reason I want those of us that think we can change this to put our efforts together to stop this and help our future children to attain a better province. I am calling for views from all peace loving people of this natural resources endowed, rich province to find a common understanding for our own good as a province.
The ball is in our courts now to say something about this and help solve this long standing tribal problem in the province and also for us to become partakers in the ongoing development and harvest of the province. Our contributions today will be of great importance to our children particularly because they will have a better place to live and work in, and good focused as well as tolerant tribes’ mates of the province that they can depend on for their wellness.
I thank you all and you Editor for allowing us find a forum to chant our goals.

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