‘North-westerners you shall always remain the tail’

People from north western province if they were like Tonga or Lozi this province could have developed.

It was called a dead province.  Late Mwanawasa brought it to life and it is the pillar of the nation where copper, uranium and gold are taped but nothing is getting back to make the province develop.

What curse does this province hold that they cannot rise and ask the leadership to look into but just give smiles?

Road network is poor where Solwezi provincial town is concerned but chiefs and blind leaders are scrambling for the provincial capital to go to Mufumbwe and Kabompo.

What will it benefit you when the old provincial capital is not yet developed?

Look at Chipata, today it is a city but they have not changed from being provincial capital, Ndola
is the provincial capital of copperbelt why did they not change the headquarters to Masaiti or Kalulushi or Lufwanyama? Don’t be blinded people.

Solwezi will soon go to Copperbelt once your provincial capital will be either Mufumbwe or Kabompo and you will be a province again of no income.

North westerners you shall always remain as a tail no wonder when you are threatened over a good idea brought in, you remain quiet.
Isaac Kafwana

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