Northwest MMD itches for bye-elections, says MP Masumba eating his vomit

The MMD in North-western province has described expelled Mufumbwe MP as a dishonourable liar who is eating his own vomit. And the MMD in the province want Masumba out and is itching for a bye-election to defend the seat with a better, decent, humble and level headed candidate.

Northwestern acting provincial chairman David Kapwepwe sent the Watchdog the following statement:

It is very sad to note the behaviour of someone who calls himself honourable in the likes of Steven Masumba. It is very strange and absurd for this man to claim that “the decision to expel him was done out of malice and without due regard to the rules of natural justice

“In his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka high court Mr. Masumba claims he was not heard at any disciplinary hearing to determine his merits or de merits of his position”

He is a liar. He chose to keep to himself and bragged that he was unaffected.

“He says his acceptance of the position of deputy minister in the PF government is not against the MMD constitution”. Again he has lied. His expulsion borders on his conduct (discipline).

As far we are concerned as MMD, Masumba has not been expelled based on the fact that he is PF Deputy Minister of Local Government. Contrary to his claims, Masumba has been expelled because of gloss indiscipline and bringing the name of the Party into disrepute. He, together with North-western Minister Josephine Limaata, has been on rampage denouncing the MMD and publicly campaigning for PF. Even video clips are there to show how Masumba and Limaata have been conducting themselves towards MMD and showering, with impunity, unprintable language on the Party that took them to Parliament. Masumba and Limaata have publicly been dishing out PF materials and money to woo voters in the last Local Govt by-elections. Moreover, Masumba and Limaata have been the architects through PF District Commissioners to have caused the by-elections in Ikeleng’i and Shukwe Wards to gauge their prowess and up their vantage in PF. Limaata is next to be shown the exit door and we shall not relent because these two members have caused havoc and their outbursts have been indelible.

The truth of the matter is that Masumba has realized that all the people in Mufumbwe have despised him because of his uncouth behaviour. He is known to be too arrogant and disrespectful to everyone.

Masumba has had a tour in the wake of his expulsion to Mufumbwe to get sympathy and assess his popularity for the past one week until last Sunday when he returned to Lusaka a demoralised man. In his tour he realised that he is far from retaining his seat whether under PF or himself. He has been told in the face that he has sold his own seat and chance that people will not be fooled to vote for him again. In fact PF has lost even the little grip it falsely started gaining because of this boy.



He was given ample time to exculpate himself over charges that were levelled against him but he chose to go to the media to brag how popular he was and how long overdue the decision to expel him had taken MMD.


I wish to be categorical here and urge Masumba to own up and sober himself. He should not hide in insinuating that he has been expelled by virtue of him being a PF Deputy Minister. That’s not true and he knows it very well. He is a shameless liar who has started eating his own vomit even before sun sets. He overrated himself at the expense of MMD and now reality has caught up with him. It is our hope and desire that the able arm of the judiciary will exonerate MMD. The die is cast. It will be the people of Mufumbwe versus Steven Masumba. It is sheer waste of time and resources for him to drag MMD to court over obligational abrogation. He has wilfully beaten the finger that has been feeding him. Posterity is on our side and we are humbled but elated with the fact that all people in Mufumbwe be it civil servants, ordinary citizens, youths, mothers and fathers have all been assaulted by the irresponsible and childish behaviour of Steven Masumba.

MMD is still very intact in the province and we are more than ready to defend our seat Mufumbwe with a better, decent, humble and level headed candidate.

I thank you,


David Kapwepwe

ACTING PROVINCIAL CHAIRMAN                           

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